we are yung film                                                          
a new wave ~ of filmmakers
for the young and free 

we believe that culture is everything
you need stories and styles
made by like minded people
to engage with the new generation


Fresh talent

We only work with fresh talented filmmakers who represent our generation. They are social savvy, work multidisciplinary, and above all, are fun to work with.

Wenneker Group

Yung Film is part of an international group of production companies with offices in Amsterdam, Brussels & Ghent. Visit Wenneker.Amsterdam

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Asterweg 8  1031HN Amsterdam

Multi assets campaign
We understand you need more than just one video to create an impactful campaign. 
Instagram stories vertical videos, six seconds pre-rolls, gifs, YouTube series and photography: we love to advise you how to create multi assets campaigns.


Asterweg 8 Amsterdam, 1031 NH

Esther +31636310909

Lars +31655168649