Multi platform 
Frame by frame, Karel & Vanja studied the Korean dance hype Bokko on YouTube.
Next thing they knew, they were flying all over the world performing this remarkable dance. This is one one the three stories of a multiplatform campaign production.

YouTube optimized
The production included an optimized script format for YouTube, taking into account the algorithm’s key metrics.

Director: Lars Brink & Marjolein van Damme
Producer: Esther Ris & Dania Lopies
Agency: Code D’Azur

Director: Lars Brink

In the second short doc we follow Jessica Scholten. She creates the most amazing nail art for celebrities like Gigi and Bella Hadid, all thanks to Instagram. She travels all across the world to work her magic and she opened her own, very successful, nail salon in Amsterdam called Lakwerk.

director: by Marjolein van Damme

For the third and final short doc, we follow RoosArt (Rosalie de Graaf). She creates controversial street art pieces across the world, all thanks to learning the craft via YouTube.

director: by Marjolein van Damme